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If you are looking for the Number 1 craw baits available you have found them. Gambler's full line of craws and creatures are all you need. We have been an expert in making craws and creatures that perform under all conditions for over 15 years. Whether punching a mat, pitching to a laydown, or casting a craw worm our baits can't be beat.

Bacon Rinds BB Cricket Burner Craw
Bacon Rind more info
BB Cricket more info
Burner Craw more info
Crawdaddy Komodo Flappy Daddy
Crawdaddy more info
Komodo 4" more info
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Little Otter Mega Daddy Stinger
Little Otter more info
MegaDaddy more info
4.25" more info
Super Stinger Twin Tail Craw Grub Ugly Otter
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Twin Tail Craw Grub more info
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Why Not
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