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New 5" Flippin' Tube New Ace Colors
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New Evolution New Flapp'n Shad Colors
New Jigs, Skirts, and Layers New KO Punch Skirts
New MegaDaddy and Flappy Daddy Colors New O-Beast
New Reins Tungsten New Swim Jigs
New Trophiez New Ugly Otter Colors
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Trophiez 1oz Jighead
Our Price: $4.59

Trophiez 1oz Unpainted
Ace Stick Bait
Ace Green Pumpkin Black Swirl
Our Price: $4.69

Ace Purple Haze
Ace Stick Bait
Fat Ace Green Pumpkin Black Swirl
Our Price: $4.69

Why Not Ghost Gill
Our Price: $4.69

Why Not Bruised Orange
Our Price: $4.69

Why Not Black Blue Mirror
Our Price: $4.69

Why Not Killer G
Our Price: $4.69

O-Beast June Bug
Our Price: $4.69

O-Beast Green Pumpkin
Our Price: $4.69

O-Beast Black Blue Glitter
Our Price: $4.69