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The Gambler Jigzilla is a premium jig designed by Rick Couch and Billy Bowen.  Rick and Billy have spent years perfecting the design of this jig.  They have kept it to themselves until recently.  Now it is available.  The weight forward head is a unique design resulting in this jig getting through cover.  When this jig comes down through cover that weight forward allows the jig to penetrate the cover you are fishing more effectively than a standard flipping jig design.  No resting on top for Jigzilla.  Jigzilla will get you where you need to be. The next key component to this jig is the Gamakatsu hook.  You have never seen a hook like this one on a jig.  Heavy cover, braided line, big strong flipping rods...  no worries this hook is not opening up.  Rip away with confidence.

2 per pack