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Bait Knife/Utility Knife
Braid Scissor
Clewiston Tournament List
Filet Knife
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Gorilla Gaff
New Products for 2019
New Ace and Fat Ace
New Apparel & Technical Gear
New BB Cricket
New Burner Worm
New Burner Craw
New Evolution
New GZ, Big EZ, EZ Swimmer, Little EZ, and TZ
New Hollow Point Weightless Keeper
New Flapp'n Shad Colors
New Jigs, Skirts, and Layers
New Meano
New MegaDaddy and Flappy Daddy
New Stinger
New Super Stud
New Trailers
New Why Not
Pulse Shrimp
Craws and Creatures
Bacon Rinds
BB Cricket
Burner Craw
Flappy Daddy
Little Otter
Mega Daddy
Twin Tail Craw Grub
Ugly Otter
Why Not
EZ Swimbaits
GZ 8
EZ Vibez
GZ 6.5
Big EZ
EZ Swimmer
Little EZ
Gambler Digital Scales
Gift Certificate
Giggy Heads and Drop Shot Worms
Giggy Head
  > Super Strong Giggy
  > Big Giggy Head 6/0
  > Giggy Head 4/0
  > Giggy Head 5/0
  > Screw Giggy Head 4/0 & 5/0
Giggy Stick
Shakey Shad
5" Webo
JTK Hair Jigs
KO Punch Skirt
Quick Change Punch Skirt
Starflash Punch Skirt
Standard Punch Skirt
Econo Scales
Gorilla Grippers
Stick Baits and Jerk Baits
Fat Ace
7" Fat Ace
Flapp'n Shad
  > 4" Flapp'n Shad
  > 6" Flapp'n Shad
Super Stud
Eel Trailer
The Jig Shop
Swimbait Jigheads
  > Double Weedguard Jig
  > Heavy Cover Southern Swim Jig
  > Jigzilla Premium Jigs
  > Southern Flash Swim Jig
  > Southern Swim Jig
  > Wrecking Ball
  > Double Collar Ball Jigs
  > Football Jigs
  > Ninja Casting Jigs
  > Ninja Flipping Jig
Toads and Topwater
Buzz'n Cane Toad
Cane Toad
Flapp'n Shad
  > 4" Flapp'n Shad
  > 6" Flapp'n Shad
Terminal Tackle
  > Duz-It DIY Kit
Hollow Point Weightless Keeper
Replacement Blades
Wrecking Ball
Reins & Gambler Tungsten Weights
Chris Lane Double Trouble Toad Hook
Carl Svebek Wacky Jig Head
Rat'lin Florida Rig Goop Weight
Brass Pro Rat'lin Weight
Lead Florida Rig Screw on Weight
Umbrella Rig
KO Hooks
Swimbait Jig Heads
  > Swimbait Jig Heavy Wire
Spinnerbaits & Underspins
Buck'n Mean-O
Gorilla Pliers

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Burner Worm 6"
Burner Worm 7.5"
ER16 Worm
Ledge Worm
  > 11" Ledge Worm
  > 9" Ledge Worm
7" Ribbon Tail
10" Ribbon Tail
13" Ribbon Tail
5" Webo
Sweebo Worm
Floating Worm
5" Paddle Tail Worm
Apparel & Gear
Face Shields
Technical Gear
Overstock and Closeouts
Ace and Fat Ace
BIG Swimbaits
Burner Worm and Paddle Tail Worm
Craws and Creatures
EZ Swimbaits
Flapp'n Shad
Frogs and Toads
Giggy Head and Finesse
Ribbon Tails
Straight Tail Worms - Sweebo, Ledge Worm, ER16
Super Stud Jerkbait
Terminal Tackle and Jigs