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The Why Not i s another grass and mat punching machine from Gambler Lures. This bait has been designed to be compact to go through the thickest of mats and grass. The round beefy body is perfect for holding a large flipping hook and helps keep the point of the hook from hanging up. This results in more efficiency when punching heavy cover. No need to continually be re-rigging and grabbing a new bait because the point of your hook is catching on cover. The tail section has aggressive ridges to displace enough water to alert any fish in the area that dinner is just a bite away. The tail can be split or fished whole. Don't forget to try it on the bag of your jig either.
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Why Not Silver Shadow Why Not June Bug Why Not Green Pumpkin
Why Not Silver Shadow
Our Price: $5.69
Sale Price: $4.55
You save $1.14!
Why Not June Bug
Our Price: $5.69
Why Not Green Pumpkin
Our Price: $5.69
Why Not Florida Five-0 Why Not Black Blue Glitter Why Not Gold Rush
Why Not Florida Five-0
Our Price: $5.69
Why Not Gold Rush
Our Price: $5.69
Why Not June Bug Shadow Blue Why Not Green Pumpkin Black Swirl Why Not Backatya
Why Not Backatya
Our Price: $5.69
Why Not Killer G Why Not Black Blue Glitter Blue Tail Why Not June Bug Blue Tail
Why Not Killer G
Our Price: $5.69
Why Not Green Pumpkin Black Blue Glitter